A Guide to Safe Raving

A Guide to Safe Raving

In light of the numerous overdoses which recently shut down the Zeds Dead show at Philadelphia’s beloved Electric Factory, we have decided this article on safe raving is needed far more than previously thought. What you are about to read is a collection of information brought together by a group of anonymous “old head” live EDM attendees.

It’s common knowledge that music festivals are frequented by a bevy of different progressive personalities. Along with an open mind to progressive music comes an urge to further expand one’s perception. One of the more popular ways to do so since the 1960′s is by ingestion of mind-altering chemicals. Drugs such as LSD, Ketamine and MDMA have been floating around the concert circuit ever since. Just as Disco was a favored experience to Cocaine users, raves seem to attract those interested in “Lucy”, “Molly” and “Katie.”

Adulterated Drugs on The Rise

With the dawn of the Dubstep era, the “rave” nation found a new life. After gritting it’s teeth and hiding in warehouses for a little over a decade to avoid Joe Biden’s anti-rave laws, the bans on live electronic music seemed to melt away suspiciously. EDM and Livetronica began meshing as various producers continued to gain equal followings to world renown Jam bands. It was truly an epic time of musical celebration.

Due to the decline, many of the remaining ravers were banded together under a strong live EDM education. The mix of heightened accurate information with a decrease in demand for party drugs gave birth to a newer, cleaner style of chemical experimentation. Although there were still the obvious risks in purchasing from strangers, the frequency of “bad drugs” was far less than had been experienced previously. Many people throughout the rave scene took great care in ushering less educated individuals to those with quality chemicals, and the result was a growing laissez-faire attitude towards their procurement.

Fast-forward three years later, and we are now standing at the end of the Mayan calendar. Electro House, Moombahton and Dubstep have completely swallowed the country’s dance music scene. Events such as Electric Daisy Carnival are now not just singular instances, but touring nationwide. Ultra Music Festival is now broadcast live via YouTube.com with better ratings than some popular television shows. Live EDM events, production companies and promotion companies are literally battling one another daily to control a majority section of the thriving local “rave nation.”

Along with this influx of interest has come the new breed of “raver.” All-ages events have thrusted uneducated young people into a pulsing phenomenon which offers little to no orientation. Instead of the once positive and informative chemical experimentation community now lies a seething infection of money hungry pushers. LSD, MDMA and Ketamine are rarely found to be anywhere close to pure, and are even substituted with fatal substances in some cases. The demand for psychedelic substances has driven people to try things such as Bath Salts with a variety of negative side-effects. The rise in EDM popularity has truly become a double-edged sword.

Stay Safe and Inform Yourselves

With this information now at the top of your minds, we implore you all to educate yourselves. Becoming a reason why a show must be cancelled is disrespectful to the Artists, the Fans, your Families and yourselves. As always, the music is great enough to enjoy completely sober, but we recognize that live music culture is not simply going to stop seeking out a heightened experience.

Purchasing from strangers is now a complete rookie mistake. There is no source of information to compare with what you are looking at in your hands. Also, don’t buy what you don’t understand. If you are going to experiment with something, read up on it at DanceSafe.org. A complete Ketamine test kit can also be purchased in order to validate what it is you are about to ingest. As you can imagine, this also means you should be obtaining your chemicals before the event you are planning to attend. A majority of the “bad drugs” most people end up purchasing are peddled at events for convenience purposes.

Once again, Filthy Philly does not condone illegal drug use, nor does it acknowledge it’s involvement with illegal drug use. Sober is the best way to truly enjoy any live music event. For those of you who plan to rage otherwise in the future, please heed to the simple advice given above. It could end up keeping you breathing.

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