About us

Scintillating Music & Scrumptious Food; Mic & Munch provide them all under one roof, offering some extraordinary dishes such as Paneer Cigar Rolls, Mexican Tarts, chocolate Pani Puri, and many more unique foods that you must be fallen in love with. The rhythmic beats of Drum & Guitar and the remarkable sense of exotic dishes permeate the air. The Musical aura of Mic & Munch beautifully transports you from reality to majestic world where music touches the soul. Events that held in our cafe:

  • Live music concerts
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Live Matches at Big Screen
  • Standup comedy and other arts
  • Visual art exhibits
  • Conferences
  • Business meets

Mic & Munch cafe is an ideal place for family members, friends and everyone looking forward to celebrating musical parties with tasty food.