Mic & Munch Cafe Turns One; It’s Time To Celebrate

It has been a great year since The Mic & Munch Cafe set up in Udaipur and invited the ever-hungry Udaipurites to partake of much-loved Mexican food and other stomach-filling, tongue-popping meals. When Mic & Munch cafe first opened its doors in Udaipur, we were not sure what to expect and what to target. Our only motive was to serve the most delicious food and provide an Open Mic for all the local artists such as musicians, comedians, storytellers, and bathroom singers. Now, with our first anniversary coming up, the cafe has already become the most exciting place in Udaipur. From teenagers to adults, single to married, youngsters to super citizens; Mic & Much is being loved by everyone. We don’t claim to be the best cafe in Udaipur but point to the love & loyalty of Udaipurites for our growing success.

How Our Vision Turned into a “Party Adda”

Before a year, everyone used to ask us that why we were opening an open mic cafe in Udaipur and we said that our region is full of talent, but there is no place dedicated to the local artists who want to show their talent. And this is what made us come up with the most intimate cafe in Udaipur which has already become the most desirable “Party Adda”. We actually didn’t know who will be the majority of our customers, but we have found that all kinds of visitors from Udaipur and other cities have visited our cafe and made us feel proud. With the music, comedy, and stories; every person has made history while creating a beautiful atmosphere.

New Finger-Licking Food in Our Brand-New Menu

As we all know Anniversaries are special, especially the first one. In order to celebrate our 1st anniversary, we have added new dishes to our menu. So let’s celebrate this special day together only at Mic & Munch cafe.

50% Off on 23rd Oct 2017

First of all, thank you lovely people for being part of this incredible journey, we are going to throw a massive party with the most ridiculously good offers. We’re celebrating our first anniversary with an exclusive discount – 50% Off on total bill with other attractive offers.

Many more offers and exciting things will be waiting for you!

Save the date: 23rd Oct 2017 | 6 PM onwards

Read more about our café: https://www.venuezz.com/blog/spotlight-udaipur/dont-just-eat-entertain-yourself-at-mic-n-munch

Author: Gaurav Mali

Gaurav Mali has a great passion for cooking and photography. His mom inspired him to cook and be independent. As a kid, Gaurav used to observe his mom’s cooking style how she juggled around with the diversity of spices to prepare finger-licking dishes.